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Mood Upp App

Target Audience: Anyone who wants to increase their mood in the daily life rush.


Objective: With this mobile application, it is aimed to produce a solution for people who are experiencing the stress of having to always catch up somewhere in the business and home life cycle.




UI/UX Design

Adobe XD, Photoshop

How does it work?

The application is very simple to use and its design is far from a complex structure. First of all, users will describe themselves by their current mode, not by their demographic characteristics or even their names. In other words, there will be modes whose identities are instantly determined by the users. When other users with the application are installed close to each other in a certain square meter area, if their current modes match, an instant notification will be sent to them by the application. Thus, users will be able to follow each other in real-time and place with the "Mood Up" application and try to upgrade their modes. The user who succeeded in upgrading the modes of one or more users the most in a certain period of time will earn the "Best Booster" badge as the winner of the current challenge.

You Can Try It!

MoodUp – 4.png
MoodUp – 3.png
MoodUp – 2.png
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